Why you should Respect Designers ?

Designer are the people who “create” something. Can you imagine, how big the word CREATE is ? Can you create something ? NO, you can’t, right !!

Now just think, shouldn’t you be respecting the person who can create something ?

Something that never existed before. Something that no one has ever seen earlier. Something new for the world to cherish.

Designers are the people (for clients) who

  • help them in making an UGLY brand look good.
  • convert their STUPID idea into something sell-able.
  • make their “STARTUP” look like a Million Dollar Multi National Company.


i am a designer

They will do all the dirty work for their clients and still listen to their senseless requirements. Designers think about an idea from an angle we can never imagine of. They think, create, design and then finally bring a brand to live. And then all they have to listen is

  • that the design doesn’t look good
  • that the color doesn’t look good
  • that the combination doesn’t look good
  • that they size of the circle is too big, or the corners are too sharp

Do we even understand that crap before you spit it out of mouth ?

So just a kind suggestion, Be humble. If you want a change, designer will do it, coz designers love to work till the best comes our. Be gentle if they miss dead lines some times, they are not machines and design thinking takes a lot of time. Be generous in paying, we know that your 6 year old daughter or uncle’s son would have designed a better logo, but if she or he would have, you would have been with them not us and further more (and by chance) designers feel hungry sometimes and need money to eat food.

Just think what would happen “if people treated Doctors Like Designer”

Why should you respect designers ?

By nature, designer are the people who love to make their clients happy and the biggest reward for them is the appreciation they get when they present a logo or a design to their clients & not the money.

So here are few quick tips for clients so as to make the work of your designer easy and to get the best out of him.

  • Always give clear cut and crisp Product Brief and the Design Output requirements. Incomplete information will lead to a “half baked” product.
  • Always make sure that you have given every requirement in written. Designer tend to forget things, so make sure that they have all the information available while they are working on your Product.
  • Make sure that you give solid work reference if in case you are inspired by someones logo / design / brand identity so that its easier for us to think.
  • If in some case you are transferring some work from old designer to new one, make sure you are sending proper brief along with design files (PSDs , AIs and CRDs) so that the new designs can carry forward the work easily. Without this his life would be a hell.
  • Make sure that you tell in advance, the things you like and dislike (most important); like color, shapes, shades etc.

I hope that this article will get you closer to your designer and his life. Plus from now onwards you will be able to help him in achieving the desired output and will work more life a friend than a client.

I hope that from you will be respecting your designer as much you would respect any other profession or professional. 

I am a designer, trust me

PS : Beware of fake people who claim themselves to be a designer. Working knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator doesn’t make a designer; its more about Thinking and Strategy that has to be developed to create a brand.  It’s your right as a client to question your designer and ask him for his work and portfolio. Do not proceed with the work without looking at this previous assignments. And its not about the clients he already has. A good designer will always have enough good work to show you without have any clients. Great designer cannot live without designing. Its just like Oxygen to then. So choose carefully, just like in any other industry there are many frauds in this line too, who will be self proclaimed designer.

Let the work speak for one self. Good Luck !! 


start up

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